Promoter Analysis

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Promoter Analysis


I am searching about adipose genes and promoter analysis of them in human. i have several question and i would be thankful who anybody help me.
1- i want to find a data bank (for human) for finding my genes of interest on chromosome that show me another genes beside the gene of interest. in other words i want to know which of genes are beside my genes of my interest. but up to now, i couldnt find it!!!!

2- i have my promoter of a gene, and now i want to obtain TFBS, i know several site (signal scan, matinspector, tfsearch and....) for do this. but every site give me different results. how can i have a good promoter analysis?

i am beginner about bioinformatic. if possible help and guide me about it. thanks a lot in advance.

may the joy be with you