Jobs from ISCB digest

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Jobs from ISCB digest

This message was posted to the ISCB mailing list. It contains lots of links to interesting possibilities so I thought I'd pass it along to you.

I pass you a selection of announcements that might be of your interest.
Credits to Prashanth Suravajhala, PhD Fellow (

First virtual conference on Bioinformatics to Systems Biology. More
details at

PhD Scholarships in Bioinformatics at the IT University of Copenhagen.
More details at

Several Post Doctoral, PhD and Faculty ( open )positions in institute
for Systems Biology at

Merck invites applications for Bioinformaticsists. More details at or

University of Groningen, Netherlands calls for proposal towards
graduate projects in Bioinformatics. More details at

The Spanish National Cancer Centre is seeking Scientist to lead a
research Unit on Proteomics. More details at

The European Bioinformatics Institute also has an internship placement
available to an undergraduate or master's student in the Genomics and
Regulatory Systems group. For more details, please visit

Max Planck Research Positions in Computational Biology. More details

Two positions are available for highly motivated and creative
postdoctoral fellows and/or PhD students in research on histone
dynamics. More details at

PhD positions at Dr. Yale Gerstein's lab. More details at

Opportunities in Bioinformatics at Persistent Life Sciences. More
details at