Jobs open at University of North Carolina

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Jobs open at University of North Carolina

From a forwarded email..


Company: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Job Title: Research Associate - Bioinformatics
Description: Research Associate - Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics Research Center
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Bioinformatics Research Center at UNC-Charlotte invites applications
for two Research Associates in Bioinformatics. UNC-Charlottes
Bioinformatics Research Center is engaged in a multi-year expansion
program encompassing two major sites. In addition to a $35M state-of-the
art bioinformatics building under construction on the Universitys main
campus, the Center has the leadership role in bioinformatics for the
nearby North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) at Kannapolis
( The NCRC is a $1.5B, 350-acre biotechnology
research park that will be home to the research programs of a large number
of private biotechnology companies, as well as those of at least six NC
research universities and several health care organizations.

The individual(s) accepting this position will work in close collaboration
with scientists from academia and industry at the Kannapolis campus. The
successful candidate must be able to understand high-throughput workflows
and model data in modern relational databases (Oracle, mySql or Postgres).
Thorough knowledge of a modern programming language (Java, C++, Python,
etc.) is required. The candidate must have outstanding communication
skills and be able to talk with biologists and understand where their data
bottlenecks are and how to solve them. A solid understanding of
bioinformatics algorithms and a good grasp of statistics is essential.
Experience in using Linux computer clusters is desirable as the candidate
must be able to apply these to analyze problems on the large data sets of
post-genomic biology. A Masters in Bioinformatics, Biology, Computer
Science or a related field is required (Ph.D. preferred).

Applications must be made electronically at and
should include vitae, at least 3 references, and a letter of interest. To
apply, visit the Web site and look for job code 2133"