Opening For Systems biology/bioinformatics PhD position : Portugal

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Systems biology/bioinformatics PhD position : Portugal

 SilicoLife is seeking a highly motivated person with a committed personality who wants to develop his or her PhD in an industrial environment and with a strong interest in genome-scale integrative approaches. The successful candidate should have a master degree in biology/life sciences, computer science, bioinformatics, engineering or a related discipline. The selected candidate will work in close cooperation with biologists and computer scientists, therefore a general background in systems biology and/or bioinformatics is expected for understanding the project needs. This PhD position is part of the EU Marie Curie Action GlycoPar: Project “Development of software tools for the analysis and integration of experimental data obtained from glycoproteomic approaches” Main objective: To integrate glycomics data with genome scale models to identify physiologically relevant nodes in metabolic and regulatory networks”.
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