Importing a PDF into a Word document

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Importing a PDF into a Word document

Alright, so I know that I should really be using LaTex, but its a pain when none of your collaborators (especially your advisor) doesn't use the same system so.. I've got a Word problem.

I've created why I think is a rather nice figure for a manuscript that I am preparing using Keynote. Keynote exports the image beautifully as a tiff, a PDF, a jpg, whatever. However, regardless of the format, whenever I try to import the image into the Word document, it becomes all fuzzy. This is ad in general, but very bad when there is text in the figure. I've tried cutting and pasting it in and importing it as an image to no avail.

Any advice appreciated.

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Suppose I could just post the

Suppose I could just post the image on flickr and put the URL for the image in there. Annoying that I could easily prepare a better looking, nto to mention more functional, document in an html editor than the de facto standard text editor for the world.

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if you want to convert any

if you want to convert any pdf file into word document.
you can do this by using adobe acrobat 6 or 7 software otherwise you can download any coverter .
when you use adobe acrobat 6or 7,  go to
file option and save as option
and click at dropdown at the file extension collumn and select wordk document format
 your file will be converted into word format but sometimes it will save in exact format, it will come in flowing text format.

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pdf editor, magic pdf, pdf

pdf editor, magic pdf, pdf converter............. there are many softwares taht allows interconversions b/w pdf and word, ppt files.

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Hi bgood,
I know exactly what you are talking about and it can be a pain. Pretty much any application that you use that converts one file format into another will lead to a loss in image resolution. One trick that works pretty well is to use the "Grab" application that comes free in every Mac computer. Of course this also leads to some loss in resolution, but since the files created are tiff files the loss is not as bad as most other applications. 
Since I am a stickler for details, in my experience the only way to have the best resolution in your images is to create the image in the software that you are going to use it. In your case, I would do as much as you can in Word. Alternatively if you can create the image in Photoshop and save it as a tiff file.

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If you need to convert plenty

If you need to convert plenty of PDF Files To Word Documents and some of them are encrypted and call for higher conversion quality, I recommend you to try Advanced PDF to Word 5.0. It is a cost-effective and competent tool. It supports encrypted files and preserves text, layouts, images and hyperlinks well.

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 or you can change a way to

 or you can change a way to import pdf into word, you can convert all pdf pages to word document. i find a free online pdf to word converter, it can do this easily.