8th World Biomaterials Congress

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8th World Biomaterials Congress

8th World Biomaterials Congress
May 28- June 1, 2008 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Link: http://www.wbc2008.com/

Special Symposia
1: Immune and Foreign Body Reactions in Biomaterials
1a: A Research Perspective
1b: A Clinical Perspective
2: Developing Best Practices in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Education
3: Young Scientist Forum @ WBC 2008
4: Presentation of Biomaterial Research in Latin and South American Countries

General Symposia
5: Oral Delivery of Insulin and other Polypeptides
6: Biomaterials for Cancer Research
7: Implant Infection: Control through Device design
8: The Last Frontier in Orthopaedics: Materials for Spinal Treatment
9: The Intervertebral Disc: Repair and Regeneration
10: Biomaterials in Hand Surgery
11: Biomaterials in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
12: 3-Dimensional Nanofabrication Technologies for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
13: Cell and Matrix Elasticity: Effects on Cell Adhesion, Orientation, Self-Assembly and Differentiation
14: Composite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
15: Biomedical Applications Of Biocompatible Carbon Nanotubes
16: Functionalisation of Dendrimeric Biomaterials
17: Biological Safety of Nanomaterials: The concept of Biocompatibility in the Era of Nanotechnologies
18: Vascularization Strategies in Regenerative Medicine
19: Biomechanics for Biomaterials ESBiomech & ESBiomat Joint Symposium
20: Cellular and Molecular Biology Techniques in the Development of Novel Biomaterials
21: Engineering Artificial Stem Cell Microenvironments
22: Stem Cells and Biomaterials
23: Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
24: Metal Implants and Biofunctionalization
25: Tissue Inducing Biomaterials
26: Porous Biomimetic Matrices with Intrinsic Osteoinductivity
27: Calcium Phosphate based Materials designed for enhancement of Tissue Generation
28: Characterisation of Nanocrystalline Apatites
29: Computational Modelling of Biological and Biomaterial Components for Orthopaedic Applications
30: What Intrinsic Information Content is required of the Scaffold in Tissue - Engineered Constructs
31: Natural-Based Polymeric Biomaterials and Composites for Tissue Engineering/Scaffolding
32: Biologically inspired Hydrogel-Based Materials for Tissue Engineering
33: Injectable Biomaterial Systems for Enhancing Cellular Therapy
34: Biological Responses to Micro and Nano-textured Materials
35: Layer-by-layer Nanoassembled Biomaterials
36: Smart Scaffold Design & Next Generation Bio-Manufacturing for Regenerative Medicine
37: Advances in Surface Patterning for Protein and Cell Interactions
38: Neural Repair Materials
39: Ophthalmic Biomaterials: Future Vision
40: Tribology of Artificial Hip Replacements: Advances in Hard-on-Hard Bearings
41: Screening Cell-Biomaterial Surface Interactions
42: Surface Characterization of Biomaterials
43: Surface Modification of Biomaterials
44: Protein Adsorption onto Polymeric Biomaterials: Theory, Experiment, and Computational Modeling
45: Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering
46: Bone Tissue Engineering for Clinical Applications
47: Non - Viral Carriers for DNA and siRNA Delivery