Society for Biomaterials 2007 Annual Meeting

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Society for Biomaterials 2007 Annual Meeting

Society for Biomaterials 2007 Annual Meeting
April 18-21 2007 Chicago, IL


Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Biomaterials Science

The 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society For Biomaterials will explore Biomaterials in three dimensions: from Nano to Macro Scale, from Laboratory to Clinical Applications, and from Past to Future. The Symposia, General Sessions, Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Tutorials have been selected and organized with these dimensions in mind. Each of the events in the preliminary outline presented here will explore some aspect of one of these dimensions. By examining biomaterials from these perspectives, attendees will gain a better understanding of the current research and the future directions of this exciting field.

Nano to Macro Scale programs will present new research in BioMEMS and bionanotechnology as well as novel polymers. Laboratory to Clinical Applications programs will examine the latest translational research in tissue engineering, drug delivery, and drug/biomedical device combination products. Past to Future programs will explore the 50 years of progress in the field and what needs to be done to achieve even greater clinical success, and examine how to control the biomaterial interface for molecularly communicating devices.

Highlights of the 2007 Meeting will include:

General Sessions:

Surface Modification and Characterization of Biomaterials
Polysaccharide-Based Biomaterials
Ophthalmologic Biomaterials
Toll-like Receptor Interaction with Biomaterial Implants
Tissue Engineered Products for Clinical Applications
Urological Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
Drug/biomedical Device Combination Products
Advances in Drug Delivery
Protein Adsorption on Microdevice
Biomaterials and Microscale Technologies for Biomedical
High Throughput Screening Methodologies for Biomaterials
Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Imaging
Protein Polymers and DNA Based Nanostructures
Special Interest Groups


Controlled Interactions of Proteins and Peptides with Biomaterial Surfaces
Cell Function on Biomaterial Gradients and Arrays
Biomaterial-based Bridges for Neural Regeneration
Translational Research in Nanomedicine: It is Happening Now
Biological Modification of Cardiovascular Biomaterials for Medical Devices: Translation from the Laboratory to the Clinic
Regenerative Medicine and Clinical Translation
Surface Modification and Characterization of Orthopaedic and Dental Implants at the Nano/Micro Scale for Improved Osseointegration
Self-Assembling Biomaterials
Nano and Microparticulate Drug Delivery
Biomimetics and Nanoscience: Advances in Protein/peptide-based Biomaterials
Developing Best Practices in Tissue Engineering Education
Advances in Biomaterials Science: A Symposium by the Leaders of Biomaterials


Recent Developments in Rapid Prototyping of Biomaterials
Spine Pain: Origins and Treatment Strategies
Carry the Torch: Understanding typology, leadership and communication styles to become a dynamic and effective leader in the field of biomaterials

Panel Discussions:

Biomaterials and biocompatibility: theories and clinical relevance
Where have we been and where are we going -Traditional approaches versus Nanotechnologies


Getting to Phase I: Preclinical Studies
Cellular Signal Transduction