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Hello friend,
Do you by any chance have the Pegylation protocol. I am actually interested in Pegylating biomolecules such as TNF-a. If not could you please tell me from where i could find it.
Thanking you in advance,
Regards :)

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Hi there-

Hi there-
By "Pegylation", I assume you mean poly-ethylene-glycol linking of TNF to your substrate?
There are number of ways to do, but the best known method I know was invented by Brewer. He crosslinks PolyLysine to his substrate in a pattern use an intermediate peg layer.
For specifics please check out the following references:

Chang, J.C., Brewer, G.J., Wheeler, B.C. (2003), A Modified Microstamping Technique Enhances Polylysine Transfer and Neuronal Cell Patterning, Journal of Biomaterials, 24/17, pp. 2863-2870.

Chang, J.C., Brewer, G.J., and Wheeler, B.C. (2001), "Modulation of Neural Network Activity by Patterning," Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 16/7-8, pp. 527-533..

You might also check out Gelest's website (
They sell PEG in a variety of formats I believe and they also have protocols posted on their website.

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I came across this poster

I came across this poster with a brief method of Pegylating insulin:


I will check if I have or can find anthing else.