Swiss pdb-viewer - question

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Swiss pdb-viewer - question

Hi folks,

if anyone of you is familiar with the swiss pdb-viewer please help me with my problem :D :

if i load the 3D structure of a protein ( swiss prot database) of let's say 400 Aminoacids, how can i "mark" for example Aminoacid number 377? ( I wan't to see where this amino acid is...)

( Or do i need another prog to do this ( Rasmol etc ???) - sry i'm a noob in this field.....)

thx !


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There are at least two ways

There are at least two ways to mark residues of interest in Deepview. First, make the Control Panel active. To do that, select "Control Panel" under the "Window" menu. In the Control Panel, click on the name of the amino acid you want to mark. One way to identify that residue is to click in the column labeled "labl" to the right of the desired residue. That will make the name of the reside appear in the main structure window. A second way to highlight the desired residue is to change its color. To do that, click on the square to the right of the residue name in the Control Panel. A small window will appear, in which you can choose a color. Click on a color that is different from the rest of the molecule, and click "OK." The residue of interest should now be easily identifiable.