Collective effects in Cell Biophysics

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Collective effects in Cell Biophysics

Collective effects in Cell Biophysics
April 6-11 2008


The objective of the meeting is to gather physicists and biologists, PhD, post-docs and confirmed researchers, to discuss collective effects and dynamic phase transitions in various aspects of cell biology going from molecular motors to tissues and interacting neurones. Physicist can play an important role in the study of collective effects in cell biology, as collective effects are often associated to transitions such as Hopf bifurcation or other dynamic phase transitions. Several spectacular results have been obtained on molecular motors, dynamic assembly of proteins or at a larger scale on assemblies of cells or tissues.

Scientific Program:

Protein assembly
Physics of the cytoskeleton
Genetics and signalling networks
Mechanosensory cells
Cell adhesion
Physics of viruses
Intracellular traffic and transport pathways
Cell division and mitosis
Tissues and morphogenesis
Information coding in neurons