European Materials Research Society Meeting

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European Materials Research Society Meeting

European Materials Research Society
Warsaw, Poland Sept 15-19


Symposium A: Raman scattering in materials science
Symposium B: Transparent and Flexible Electronics: from Materials to Devices
Symposium C: Smart Materials for Smart Devices and Structures
Symposium D: Novel synthesis processes and design of nanomaterials for catalytic applications
Symposium E: Plasmonic nanostructures for application in the life sciences
Symposium F: Nanocomposite materials
Symposium G: Morphology and dynamics of nanostructures and disordered materials via atomic-scale modelling
Symposium H: Crossing frontiers in designing of bio-inspired materials - a novel breakthrough in material science
Symposium I: Functional and Structural Ceramic and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CCMC)
Symposium J: New Opportunities and Challenges in Material Research using Phonon and Vibrational Spectra
Symposium K: Mechanics of nanomaterials
Symposium L: New Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: Materials and Processing Methods