Cancer and immunosuppression

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Cancer and immunosuppression

Do any cancer cause immunosuppression?

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Please find the attached and

Please find the attached and click the following link

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cancers doesnt cause

cancers doesnt cause immunosuppression , however the tumor cells ivade the immune surveillance and escape the elimination by immune system.

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Actually, tumors can directly

Actually, tumors can directly contribute to immunosuppression. They can release galectin-1 which induces apoptosis in activated TH1 cells.
Here is a reference
And this just scratches the surface. Tumors use multiple mechanisms to evade the immune system.
Here is a review from Nature that details these studies.
This is a very interesting and emerging field. I think we are just learning how sophisticated the interaction is between tumors and the immune system.

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cancer does not cause

cancer does not cause immunosuppression but treating cancer with chemmicals can cause immunosuppression
while escape of cancer cells from immune response may contibuted to tolerance