HELP!!!! ThHERMO stopps FrenchPress

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Andreas Heinemann
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HELP!!!! ThHERMO stopps FrenchPress

Since start of this year, THERMO FISHER stopped all production, support and delivery of the "good old FrenchPress", which was introduced to the lab market almost 60 years ago by SLM Aminco.
In almost every bio lab a FrenchPress is used but now - big TF stopped everything from one day to another, even also spare parts like sealing rings, nylon balls etc.
We want to do some big and international activities to continue this wonderful system, for which is no replacement or similar system available since the very beginning!
We need the help from all user, which are interested in continuation of this product line - if from THERMO or from other side! We informed THERMO already, that we will continue if we can get the rights from them.
We still provide service and spare parts - most items are still in stock, but they are running out and we want to continue!
Please contact us and tell us, if you want to help us to "force" THERMO. We have some plans how to proceed!
Thank you in advance - and thanks to SSI to support this!

Andreas Heinemann
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Please go to

Please go to

and join the discussion there!

Thank you


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Even though the original

Even though the original French Press was discontinued, there is no need for scientists to be annoyed. GLEN MILLS INC. (USA) has designed, constructed, and is selling a somewhat similar, but greatly improved unit that is trademarked as FRENCH PRESS G-M®.

We took many of the advantages of the original unit, and we have added a plethora of safety and convenience features. Attached are some photographs.

The new design captures the simplicity of operation at an attractively low price.

Please let us know how we may be of further assistance with your cell disruption needs. (2012)

973-777-0777; Fax 973-777-0070

Andreas Heinemann
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Already in 2010  G.HEINEMANN Ultraschall- und Labortechnik, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany (HTU) launched the new Generation of this technology presented by Prof. French in 1955 - the new
“HTU DIGI-F-Press”
based on Prof. French.

With more then 50 years of experience in using, serving, supporting, selling and repairing the good old SLM AMINCO / THERMO French Press, HTU developed a completely new system, using the old performances, benefits and features of the FrenchPress and combined with the technology and control possibilities of today.

The new system is fully compatible with old systems, espcially all old homogenizing cells can be used in the new "HTU DIGI-F Press" as well as being flexible for new cells - even the old X-Press technology will be added to this unit soon (and relaunching this other premier technology of cell disruption again.).

As a Biochemist, the owner of the company and product manager for this unit used the old system over years in his own lab and was connected directly with end users and scientists over decades during his responsibility for this product line (even long time before getting getting the responsibility from THERMO Scientific for central European countries like Germany Switzerland Austria etc.. - and mdecades before THERMO bought this product line - HTU was dealing in the fifites already with SLM Aminco)
After making the decision to continue this very successful and unique homogenizing technology - which is copied very often by other companies using the term “French Press” for their homogenizing system, without knowing what it really means and what is the “French Press Technology” (and it is not only using high pressure) HTU designed and developed a complete new system with microprocessor controlled and security orientated hydraulic features, complete pre-programming to avoid any possible user mistake plus new feature opportunities for the next generation of homogenizing cells (already in pipeline) which was presented to public already in April 2010 and is working at several labs in the meanwhile, partly located directly next to the old FP system in the same lab to improve the performance and through put by offering at least the same performance combined with higher safety and easier use.
BTW:  HTU found out during the months of developing and certification procedures, that the old FrenchPress (and the new “copies” of it) would have been never allowed to be sold into Europe etc. due to lack of safety and control mechanism in the pressure technology - even in the old homogenizing cells (so the FA-032 has never been CE-conform, even when they were sold over years having a CE-sign printed on it. THERMO recalled all FA-032 in 2009 to remove the CE-mark on them for any sales in Europe)
HTU is still serving and supporting old systems with repair, spare parts and accessories, as long as legal issues and safety experiences are not touched by this support. Also intense user training and application support is still offered by HTU.
HTU is not only selling easy made copies of old “article numbers” but is improving old existing systems with more background knowledge, user hints, new parts and is improving the general technology by offering the new system  -  the “HTU DIGI-F Press” based on Prof. French.
For more details or any questions regarding the good old FrenchPress and its only real successor, the “HTU DIGI-F Press” contact G.HEINEMANN ULT, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany, or come through
Only the deep knowledge and understanding of the old technology and application is opening the door into the improved future.

A new copy can only be the same as the old Origin

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The new FRENCH PRESS G-M® that GLEN MILLS INC. offers is very similar to the past units.  Minimal changes to appearance, operation, and still low cost make this popular for those scientists familiar with the hundreds of units used worldwide.   The new safety, convenience, and stainless steel construction improvements have been favorably received by our customers.
Existing protocols in the literature can be quickly adapted without need to fumble through any specialized microprocessor entry array. For users in North America, the FRENCH PRESS G-M® is also available for rental when only a short term trial is needed. 
GLEN MILLS INC. eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%73%74%61%66%66%40%67%6c%65%6e%6d%69%6c%6c%73%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%73%74%61%66%66%40%67%6c%65%6e%6d%69%6c%6c%73%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')) 973-777-0777; Fax 973-777-0070

Andreas Heinemann
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The new HTU DIGI-F Press is

The new HTU DIGI-F Press is offering 100 % full compatibility to all exisiting FrenchPress cells and protocols, all parameters are identically, only the way of usage, security issues as well as usability - especally like refilling etc. - is brought on the state of the art status of the 21st century.

Any existing homogenizing cell of the former SLM-Aminco/THERMO FrenchPress can be used in the new Press, additionally new cells with great new features are available.

For help in solving your applicational and technical questions in homogenizing using the FrenchPress or the new HTU DIGI-F-Press, just contact the company, having more than 50 years of experieince in selling, supporting, servicing, repairing and using a "good old SLM Aminco/THERMO FrenchPress".

Also ask for the "Extended Maintenance Program" to keep your old FrenchPress system on top performance by having the best support and user training given by Scientist specialists!

GHEINEMANN is talking the language of Scientists - like Scientist Solutions!