Calculating population ratio on FacsDIVA software

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Calculating population ratio on FacsDIVA software

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way to have the diva software calculate the 4:8 ratio.  I have had a look at the software manual and it appears that simple calculations cannot be done.  (oh bring back the old software from a rival flow cytometer).  This is on peripheral blood.  Yes we do use the FacsCanto software for the hiv lymphocyte subsets, this enquiry is for the malignancy work.  (basically we are slack and do not want to pull out the calculator each time.....)

I have had a look at the stats view and it appears it only shows the %populations and the numbers.  What would be nice is there was a functionality where you can calculate the 4:8 ratio (or any subpopulation) for that manner.

Has anybody out there cracked the code on this.

If there is a possible way please inform me as soon as possible.  I will close this discussion after 30 Jan 2012.

Thanks heaps

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Hi Nic,

Hi Nic,
I am looking for an answer to your question as well, however:
Following completion of the experiment analysis, if you do a Batch analysis a CSV file found under BDExport/Statistics  is generated with all the data from the experiment.
This can be imported into an excel spreadsheet and results calculated.