Dissolving drug in DMSO for use with cells

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Dissolving drug in DMSO for use with cells

You have drug X and dissolve it in DMSO at a concentration of 100 mg / mL. Your goal is to create an aliquot of this drug with a final concentration of 175ug/mL. The solvent you will use to dilute it is cell culture media. Is it possible to create this aliquot while keeping DMSO below 0.1% v/v? I have tried this and could not get it below 0.175%. If anyone can please help and show how they arrived at the answer I would really appreciate it!

Chin Fen Teo
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Hi migwke,

Hi migwke,

No, it is impossible to get the DMSO below 0.1% v/v. Your calculation is absolutely correct.


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If you dissolve drug X  it at

If you dissolve drug X  it at 350 mg/ml to begin with and when you dilute it, the final DMSO concentration will be 0.05%.

Even dissolving it at 200 mg/ml will bring DMSO concentration below 0.1%.

If the drug is not soluble at concentrations > 100 mg/ml, use what you have and make sure you have a control sample treated only with 0.175% DMSO to evaluate the side effect of the chemical on your cells.

Good luck