To treat Neuronal cells with Sirtinol

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To treat Neuronal cells with Sirtinol

I need to study effect of 50 uM Sirtinol in neuronal cels. but when i add Sirtinol( stock 10mM in DMSO ; solubility: 24mg/ml or 100mM in DMSO)   to MEM medium, it precipitates out.
Sirtinol added from stock: 7.5 uL in 1500uL MEM when it precipitates.
I dont have concentrated solution of Sirtinol. 10mM is the only stock I have. I m  not wishing to  dilute the stock with DMSO as i dont want more DMSO to be added to cells. 
Is SIrtinol incompatible with MEM? HAs anybody worked with Sirtinol in DMSO in cell culture? Share your experience so that i can solve my problem.

Thanking you all in advance. Your participation is highly appreciated.

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 Hello there,

 Hello there,

I have tried almost same experiment and it happened to me as well and I couldn't come up with a solution. I was wondering if you solved this problem out, would you share how ?

Thanks in advance.

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i have the same problem in RPMI culture. it's not because of culture compatibility with sirtinol. sirtinol that i bought from sigma need more dmso to be dissolved i even solved it in 25 mM but it's not dissolved yet. if you find sth about it. aware me!!