M30 Cytodeath Antibody - Roche

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M30 Cytodeath Antibody - Roche

Has anybody used the M-30 cytodeath antibody from Roche? It apparently binds to the cytokeratin in apoptotic epithelium and I was just wondering if anybody had used it with any success, perhaps in ex vivo tissues.
Many thanks

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Here's an article that uses

Here's an article that uses the antibody you are interested in.
Increased apoptosis in gastric mucosa adjacent to intestinal metaplasia
N C T van Grieken,1 G A Meijer,2 A zur Hausen,2 S G M Meuwissen,1 J P A Baak,2 and E J Kuipers3
The article is free in pubmed (but copyrighted so we cant post the methods section here), but they describe staining tissue sections with the M30 Death antibody.

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Brilliant - thank you very

Brilliant - thank you very much - exactly what I was looking for

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Here is another example: http

Here is another example: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3032570/?tool=pubmed

Can the M30 Cytodeath Antibody be used in mouse? If so, is there a special protocol needed?