ATP depletion

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ATP depletion

I would like to carry out an ATP depletion with MCF7 cells to investigate a protein translocation into the nucleus. I have found a publication where the authors described a method. But one point I didn`t understand. They used dialyzed serum and I wonder why. Can anybody answer that question? Thanks a lot.
PS It would be very kind if there other advice concerning ATP depletion. What kind of pitfalls etc.

Jason King
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Dialyzing would reduce the

Dialyzing would reduce the concentration of small molecules such as ATP etc.

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Dialyzed serum has much lower

Dialyzed serum has much lower levels of small molecules such as ATP, as well as minerals such as Mg, Mn etc that can affect specific rxns. Most manufacturers (HyClone, Sigma,Gibco etc) sell dialyzed serum in small bottles that you can use specifically for these experiments.
Ensure that you condition your cells beforehand!