determining GLUT4 to the cell membrane bound

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determining GLUT4 to the cell membrane bound

 God Day.

I'm looking for a method for determining the GLUT4 translocated to the cell membrane in cell lines. my problem is that: in most studies described the cell transfected with hemagglutinin epitopes bound transporters (GLUT4-HA) but i dont know if only use cell line without transfect. in my project I plan to use muscle L6 and adipocyte 3t3.

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Chin Fen Teo
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Hi lunaoreaD,

Hi lunaoreaD,

For muscle cells and adipocytes, both of which express GLUT4 endogenously, you do not need to overexpress the transporter, given that you have the proper antibody to detect the endogenous form of GLUT4.

Good luck.