TNFalpha signaling - Please help

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TNFalpha signaling - Please help

Hello all-
I have some questions about TNFalpha that I am a little confused on.  When you have TNFalpha binding on the does the cell decide which route to take.  By route...I mean either inflammation or apoptosis.  I have been reading in the literature about this...and what I have found is that once TNFalplha binds to its cognate can recruit different adaptor proteins such as FADD, TRADD, etc.  I know that FADD has a DED domain which can interact with the DED domain in procaspase 8 to activate it thus initiating apoptosis to happen.  On the other hand, I have found that if the right adaptor proteins are recruiting you can also activate NFkappaB which can then translocate into the nucleus and transcribe anti-apoptotic factors such as Bcl-2, c-FLIP, etc.  

I am pretty new to this topic so any help would be very much appreciated.  Honestly,  I am just overall confused how the cell knows which route to go after TNFalpha binding....or even FasL...Trail...etc...