Vector for pichia pastoris

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Vector for pichia pastoris

  hello all
 I would like to ask,is that i already of the used up my vector, and I plated the vector on one of the lb plate which i used as a negative control at the time of doing ligation,,So i would be trying to make the preculture from that and then the main culture and would do the miniprep to get my vector..I can easily know the concentration through UV but how do I get the mass of my vector...My vector is pPICZalphaA ....
since i am doing all this thing for the first time, so kindly help me.....

Rajeshwari patel
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Hi, sid,

Hi, sid,

As i am correctly understand
You want to know the Size of your vector,
If it is like that than You need to cut your isolated plasmid with restriction enzyme which cuts only in single site( IF Xho or XbaI etc...)
and after that You run you plasmid along with the gene ruler

I think this will help.