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Image J

Is anyone familiar with Image J from the nih website?

I would like to know the best way to analyze cells on immunocytochemistry-stained slides (using ABC method). This program seems to be able to give intensity of staining somehow so that I could interpret my staining in more that just a qualifying manner.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Thanks!!

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Image J (or even programs

Image J (or even programs such as PhotoShop or jASC PSPro) can give total intensity values for a slide. However, the only way you can get quantitative data out of your slides is to have IDENTICAL tissue preps - consecutive sections thin enough to have the same staining pattern. Then you can use one as a negative control to subtract the background. However, this is very cumbersome, and it will be easy to goof (time of development etc). See if you can use an alternative technique - including ELISpot, In-cell Westerns (LiCor, using the IR dyes instead of peroxidase) etc - which are designed to give more quantitative data.

Fraser Moss
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You can draw your region of

You can draw your region of interest around the area of the image to want to quantify and then hit Ctrl + M to measure.

In the "Analyze" menu you can "Set measurements" to set what is output in the results window.

e.g. mean intensity, Min and max values, area etc.

You can also type Ctrl H on any region of interest to get the Histogram of the pixel intensities of the region of interest or the whole image.

this ImageJ web site has many tutorials or examples