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Is there any staining available for lysosomes in cell organelle?

Ivan Delgado
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Hi rdarshini,

Hi rdarshini,
This is a very good question in that it is hard to answer. Lysosomes by nature are organelles that change depending on where they are in the cell. If you are a lysosome that just budded out of the Golgi apparatus you are likely going to look quite different than the lysosome that fuses with the plasma membrane (or vacuole in the case of plants). A good marker would be a membrane-associated protein. LAMP1 and LAMP2 make up about 50% of lysosomal membrane protein. You can use antibodies against these protein to stain for lysosomes. Abcam for example sells antibodies against LAMP1 and LAMP2
You can also use dyes, like the ones sold by Invitrogen (like the Image-iT LIVE Lysosomal and Nuclear Labeling kit, which uses the red-fluorescent LysoTracker Red DND-99 dye). While this works fine, I recommend going the antibody route. Ultimately though, it depends on your application.
Good luck

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Thank you for your

Thank you for your information.. Is there any quantitative analysis are there?

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Invitrogen also supply the

Invitrogen also supply the LysoSensor family of pH-sensitive lysosome dyes which I have heard good things about.

Guy Sovak
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Hi there,

Hi there,
I used Lamp2 and Lamp1 in NIH 3t3 cells.
It works great.
There is also the Lysotraker:
That also works good.
As per quantificative information.
What would you like to quantify?
Number of lysosomes in a cell, it could work but it is a hard work. If you want a professional results you need to quantify many cells in more then 3 different experiments.
I would rather use a simple biochemistry assy to do quanitative work.