Tissue Slice Staining

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Tissue Slice Staining

I am trying to do alcian blue and Safranin staining of tissue slices.  This is my basic protocol...

dewax (60 degree oven for 30 min)
3x xylene soaks(5 min each)
            100% ethanol 3 min
            100% ethanol 3 min
            90% ethanol 3 min
            70% ethanol 3 min

3x wash PBS @ pH1.0 (5 min)

Stain in 0.5% Alcian in PBS pH1.0 30 minutes
3x PBS washes (not 5 minutes here, just dip and remove)
Stain in 0.5% Safranin O in PBS 1.0 30 minutes
3x PBS washes (not 5 minutes here, just dip and remove)

            70% ethanol dip
            90% ethanol dip
            1000% ethanol dip

    3x xylene 5 min

mount in depex


This works for our cell suspensions but not for our tissue slices!  I guess the stain just washes over the tissue?   Any ideas of how to resolve this?  Longer stain times?  Has anyone else stained tissue slices before?


Arvind Singh Pundir
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 Dear Gilligan,

 Dear Gilligan,
your protocol seems to be right except during dehydration after staining instead if going to 70% alcohol go to directly 95% alcohol 2 changes and then 100% alcohol 3 changes, xylene 3 changes then mount with DPX,
as in 70 % alcohol your stain will come out so avoid that.....

hope it helps