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Arvind Singh Pundir
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antigen retieval

which is the best, safest, efficient and quickest  method for antigen retrieval please share your valuable views along with votes

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For lung tissue, the

For lung tissue, the microwave method has always worked pretty well for me but I'd be interested to hear about other methods and how good they are.

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It is always best not to use

It is always best not to use antigen retreaval if possible.   It is alway preferable to find a good antibody that is targeted to an exposed epitope.
If the the retreaval method is overdone it can make the  forzen sections look chewed \smeared.
Say that the best antigen retreaval is normal wax processing.  It preserves the morphology of the tissue and it has been used for the longest period.

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like the other member mentioned, my experience find antibody which can be used without antigen retrieval method. When we go for microwave method some time tissue may be damaged and it may come out from the slides also. so it is better try without antigen retrieval.

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Most times I've found some

Most times I've found some type of antigen retrieval IS required on FFPE tissue, but not frozen tissue (for obvious reasons).  A 20 min or 40 min treatment in a retrieval solution (Citrate buffer or EDTA) at 95 degC works best.  Proteolytic digestion for many antibodies is too harsh and will chop up your epitope.  We use a chamber specially made by DAKO for retrieval and it works great.