Murine heart fixation; perfussion needed??

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Murine heart fixation; perfussion needed??

 Hello everyone, I'm new in histology techniques. I would like to know if it is better to fix adult hearts embbeding them in PFA4% o/n or fixation through perfussion works better. The hearts will be used for further embbeding in gelatin in order to cryosect.

My mice express both YFP and CFP and I need not only to preserve tissue structure but fluorescence. 

Thanks in advance

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Hi loopingcris,

Hi loopingcris,

It is widely accepted that the vascular perfusion of a tissue leads to its optimal fixation for ultrastructural examination.  however some research suggest that YFP (Yellow Fluorescent Protein) showed no change between paraformaldehyde-fixed and unfixed samples, however there was a remarkable difference between CFP(Cyan fluorescent protein) samples