Lateral Flow Equipment: who to buy?

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Lateral Flow Equipment: who to buy?

Hi All,
I am new to this, so if i am in the wrong forum, please redirect me, dont shoot me.
I work for a company, looking at getting into the lateral flow business.
I know there are two equipment suppliers in this area.
Isoflow and Biodot.
Does anyone have any experience of using either or both?
as well as the good points, of course i need to know the bad points.
Any thing will do. this is a primary look into it before contacting reps..

thanks in advance


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Hello Steve

Hello Steve
I was involved in a project earlier this year where I had to investigate just this. Biodot seems to be very clued up on what they are doing. They offer great support and their equipment is incredibly accurate (alignment and measurement). You might end up paying a few extra dollars for the equipment but the end result is satisfying.
Not sure if this helps.

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My suggestion would be to do

My suggestion would be to do a Solutions Search, clicking on Supplier Search with a search argument of "lateral flow." I came up with an abundance of companies in that business. I hope this helps.