Bacteria OD600 above 0.9

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Bacteria OD600 above 0.9

Hello. I'd really appreciate some help

I grew bacteria culture in order to harvest a high copy plasmid DNA. I left the bacteria to grow for 16 hours, however my OD600 was 1.159 which is higher than the desired 0.9 value (suggested by the QIAGEN maxi kit). So, what should i do to reduce the OD to 0.9???

Thanks in advance

Chin Fen Teo
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 Hi there, I think you will

 Hi there, I think you will be fine without diluting the culture. I usually don't even bother to measure the OD... Good luck.

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You are only just out of the

You are only just out of the 0.9 OD so in this case you should be ok.  It just means the bugs may be out of log phase.