DNA sequencing and short gun method

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DNA sequencing and short gun method

Well i have read about short gun method of DNA sequencing and now while undergoing practical appliaction, im stuck and  im provided with two fungal species and they can withstand hig temperature upto 95C and im asked to sequence only one of them. I dotn knwo how to choose the best one and whether i can apply short gun method for sequencing. The properties of the fungus provided with me are shown below, 


F. cattoriae

W. gravinius




Genome size

1 MB

3 MB

Repetitive DNA?

20% of genome contains
large stretches of CG repeats

< 0.1% of genome

Can anyone explain me which fungus i should choose for sequencing and if so can i use short gun method for sequencing.

Ivan Delgado
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The answer to this question is actually pretty straight forward if you understand what is the basis of the technology behind DNA shotgun sequencing (which is also one of the main weaknesses of this methodology). I will give you a hint: it has to do with the average size of the DNA molecules that are sequenced.