Genomic DNA extraction from Ganoderma species

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Iris Tan
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Genomic DNA extraction from Ganoderma species

Hi all,

I'm having a problem to extract genomic DNA from Ganoderma using the conventional method (phenol/chloroform). The protocol used to be good, just don't know why the DNA extracted recently tends to form transparent, gel-like thing when it comes to isoproanol precipitation step and when it is to be dissolved in TE buffer at the final step, it turns to be viscous..

FYI: The DNA extracted will be used for genome sequencing, so we really need good quality DNA

Anybody come across this problem? Or do you have any suggestion on what other protocols can be used for fungal DNA extraction ?


Best regards

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Iris,

Hi Iris,

I do not have experience extracting DNA from Ganoderma, but your issue (the gel-like material) sounds like protein/polyssacharide left-over. My recommendation would be to perform a more stringent/longer protease incubation before you extract your DNA to make sure you are fully degrading your proteins and maximizing the removal of any polysaccharides. One easy explanation as to why things are not working as well is that your protease solution may have lost some of its activity, or gone bad altogether, something that is not unusual. 

Good luck!