PhD position in Environmental Chemistry :Switzerland

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PhD position in Environmental Chemistry :Switzerland

PhD position in Environmental Chemistry : Dübendorf, Switzerland

Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is a Swiss-based and
internationally networked aquatic research institute within the ETH domain (Swiss Federal
Institutes of Science and Technology). It is committed to the ecologically, economically and
socially responsible management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems.
The Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry Group at Eawag and the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) Switzerland offers a
PhD position in Environmental Chemistry
The Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry Group consists of an interdisciplinary team of
researchers whose main focus is studying biogeochemical trace element cycles from regional to
global scales. We are especially interested in studying sources and pathways of marine-derived
trace elements with major impacts on human health, such as selenium and iodine, which are
both widely deficient in human diets.
The PhD project is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the interactions between the
most relevant species of selenium (Se), sulfur (S), iodine (I) and bromine (Br) in marine waters
and the abiotic/ biotic production of volatile species of these elements. Production of these
volatile species and subsequent transport to terrestrial environments could have large effects on
the availabilities of essential elements in continental diets. The first aim of the project is to gain a
better understanding of the chemical interactions and redox processes between relevant marine
inorganic and organic species of Se, S, I and Br. Based on this (a)biotic production rates of
volatile Se, S, I and Br species will be established and their stability and further transformations
in the water column will be investigated. This knowledge will enable modeling the production
rates and atmospheric fluxes of volatile organic compounds of Se, S I and Br.
We are looking for a skilled and highly motivated PhD candidate interested in interdisciplinary
research. A successful candidate holds a Master degree in environmental sciences, chemistry or
related fields and has a strong background in analytical chemistry. Fluency in English is
mandatory and good knowledge of German is an additional asset. Ideally, the work begins in
July 2014 but other starting dates can be discussed. The workplace for this position is Eawag in
Dübendorf ( The candidate is enrolled as doctoral student at ETH Zurich; further
information about the enrollment as doctoral student at ETH Zurich is available at
For further information about the position please contact Prof. Lenny Winkel: or
The deadline for applications is 1 June 2014.
We look forward to receiving your application – including (i) a motivation letter, (ii) a brief
statement of research interests, (iii) a CV, and (iv) the names and contact addresses of two
academic referees. Please send your application through this webpage, any other way of
applying will not be considered.

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