Idealphotonics want to find a Fiber optic gyroscope engineer

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Idealphotonics want to find a Fiber optic gyroscope engineer

The most key factor in the success of a company is its staff.Identifying with a company and maintaining team spirit internally lead to gratification in work and success. Idealphotonics wants to be a place where its employees not only feel secure and comfortable in a steady job but also where the men and women like coming to work each day and enjoy serving customers. With Kind human qualities such as openness, honesty, and reliability, we are able to attract employees that build up and foster long lasting relationships to customers and suppliers.
Idealphotonics is a manufacture and  Solutions providing company, Offering exciting career opportunities in a challenged and exciting work atmosphere In the areas of: Physics, Engineering, Electro-Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Software development and more.
1) Head of Software area(working place:Vancouver,Canada)
• 4-6 years of experience developing in C/C++ in Embedded area.
• Experience in leading hands-on Software projects technology.
• Experience in working with VLSI teams – an advantage.
• Experience in evaluation/bring-up in Embedded area – an advantage.
• Experience in working with ARM/NIOS-II adapters and RTEMS running systems – an advantage
2) Maintenance Technician(working place:Hongkong)
• Mechanics/Electricity technician for maintenance of infrastructures of the company.
• Knowledge in Vacuum Systems and equipment prevention maintenance.
• Experience in maintenance of clean rooms and process machines in clean room.
• Experience in fine Mechanics Systems
• Experience in evaporation and corrosion machines – an advantage.
We are continuously seeking for talented and ambitious creative people in the areas of:
• Project Management - in transfer from Development to Production, Engineering background, experience both in working with Defense Aerospace Industries and in multidisciplinary projects that combine Mechanics, Electronics, Optics and Algorithm
• System Management - system planning before production. Engineering, Electro Optics and Fibers background, experience in the Defense Aerospace industry.
• Engineers - Core engineering disciplines such as: Mechanics, Board design , Programming (RT and VHDL), Algorithms, Process, etc.
• Technicians - Integration technicians for Optical line, clean room technicians, Electro Optics testing technicians, Electronics technicians.
If you think you can contribute to our organization and are meeting with the requirements mentioned above, please attach your CV to: