Morpholinos for adult animals

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Jon Moulton
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Morpholinos for adult animals

Vivo-Morpholinos can knock down mRNA translation, alter pre-mRNA splicing or inhibit miRNA maturation in adult animals after IV injection.

The availability of Vivo-Morpholinos makes the specific and effective activities of Morpholino oligos available in many traditional animal model systems where Morpholinos were not effective in the past due to delivery issues. Highly specific Morpholino translation blocking, splice blocking and miRNA maturation inhibition are now feasible in adult rodents, allowing knockdowns without the known widespread off-target gene modulation associated with RNAi technologies and RNase-H dependent antisense. After many years of research, attempting a range of unsatisfactory delivery strategies, Gene Tools finally offers a delivery moiety that brings Morpholino techniques to life science researchers working in adult animals.

Vivo-Morpholinos are available on the Gene Tools online store and are described on the Gene Tools website: