Analysis of Oligonucleotides as Therapeutics Webinar, presented by GEN

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Analysis of Oligonucleotides as Therapeutics Webinar, presented by GEN

Broadcast Date Thursday, October 2, 2008
Broadcast Time 1:00 pm EDT

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Interest in therapeutic oligos has created demand for methods and instruments for analyzing these molecular classes. This webinar will present the latest techniques for identifying, characterizing, and quantifying important classes of oligonucleotide drugs including:

RNAi agents
oligonucleotide aptamers
PEGylated oligos

Key learning points for this webinar:

*The capabilities and limitations of oligonucleotide analytic
*How to transfer an analytical method from bench to
development and production
*Analyzing oligonucleotides in complex biological samples
*Advances in HPLC and LC/MS techniques that can shorten
analysis times
*Regulatory and validation aspects of oligonucleotide analysis

Ipsita Roymoulik, Ph.D.(Avecia Biotechnology), will describe methodology for robust method transfer into manufacturing. Yansheng Wu, Ph.D. (Archemix), will discuss analysis of oligonucleotide aptamers and PEGylated oligos, both with novel applications compared with RNAi. Martin Gilar, Ph.D. (Waters), will present methods for analyzing single- and double-stranded RNAi therapeutics.

A live Q&A session will follow the presentations, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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