miRNA Purification and Detection Webinar

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miRNA Purification and Detection Webinar

miRNA Purification and Detection - New Tools in Expressing Profiling and Biomarker Development

In recent years, identification of microRNA and other small non-coding RNA and recognition of their important role in diverse biological processes have led to increasing interest in identification and characterization of miRNAs. Currently, technologies and solutions are being developed to enable rapid and accurate detection of miRNA in various samples.

This one hour session will address:

Efficient and accurate method for automated, transcriptome-wide miRNA quantification by real-time PCR.

How to quantify endogenous target mRNA as well as miRNA.

Data which demonstrates the application of this technology to miRNA expression profiling in a model human cell culture system.

Speaker: Eric Lader, Director R&D, QIAGEN

Dr. Lader has spent over 10 years as a scientist in technology development in the life science market. A molecular biologist by training, Dr. Lader's academic research was in the regulation of gene expression during mammalian development. He received his PhD from Cornell University Medial College in 1989 and did post-doctoral research at the NIH and The University of Texas before moving to Biotech. Currently, Dr. Lader is Associate Director of R&D at QIAGEN.

Date and Time: October 11, 2007 at 11:00 am (EDT)

Registration is Free!