RNAi Laboratory Workshop from Sigma

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Tony Rook
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RNAi Laboratory Workshop from Sigma

Sigma is holding a workshop on RNAi methodologies for those of you interested...

Here are some of the details:

Workshop I: Synthetic and Viral-based Systems for Gene Silencing
Date: November 13-14, 2007

Workshop II: Knockdown Quantitation Technologies
Date: November 15, 2007

Where: Sigma Life Science and High Technology Center
St. Louis, Missouri

RNAi has emerged as an important mainstream tool for both basic and applied research, and it has revolutionized the novel discipline known as functional genomics. This workshop will provide hands-on technical training for both siRNA and lentiviral shRNA, experimental design, troubleshooting, and measuring knockdown effects. Featured lectures will provide in depth discussion on the fundamentals of RNAi as well as cutting edge applications for drug discovery and target validation. Registrants should be familiar with basic mammalian cell culture techniques.

RNA Interference

Workshop I Synthetic and Viral-based Systems for Gene Silencing

Lecture and Laboratory Topics
RNAi mechanism
Applications for RNAi
siRNA and shRNA methodologies
Detection methods
RNAi in difficult cell types
Vector based shRNA
Viral delivery systems
High-throughput screening
Packaging methods
Titer methods
Optimizing MOI
Stable vs. transient assays
Proper controls
Viral handling
Transduction optimization

Workshop II Knockdown Quantitation Technologies

Lecture and Laboratory Topics
mRNA quantitation methods

* Branched DNA methodology

Protein quantitation methods

* Antibodies and western blotting
* AQUA for mass spectrometry

Troubleshooting discussion

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