Sixth Annual RNAi For Therapeutics

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Sixth Annual RNAi For Therapeutics


After establishing its presence as a screening tool, RNA interference (RNAi) is now poised to make an impact in the therapeutic arena. CHI's sixth annual meeting on RNAi for Therapeutics, to be held October 22-23, 2008 at the World Trade Center in Boston, will focus exclusively on the progress being made in this field. This day and half event will feature presentations, posters, and panel discussions on ways to overcome challenges related to the delivery, specificity and safety of RNAi-based drugs. The content and format of the conference aims to provide scientists and executives in academia, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, with practical know-how's on what to expect when transitioning compounds from a laboratory to a clinical setting. The sessions at the conference will also address issues surrounding regulatory, legal and patent filings and concerns that may come up during manufacturing and scale-up. The interactive sessions, discussions and workshops are geared to provide ample opportunity for further networking and brain-storming. This meeting will be preceded by a day and half event focusing on RNAi for Screening.

4Topics to be covered include:
4Update on RNAi therapeutics in the clinic
4Overcoming concerns around drug safety and specificity
4Improvements in RNAi delivery
4Optimizing RNAi chemistry
4Dealing with drug manufacturing and scale-up
4Meeting regulatory guidelines
4Overview of the licensing, legal and intellectual property landscape
4Scientists keen to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues are encouraged to give a talk or present a poster.