A Bundle of Bioprotocols

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A Bundle of Bioprotocols

 First Edition
Chapter 1. General Lab Techniques
Lab security and basic techniques
Advanced lab skills
Advanced lab skills (2)
Chapter 2. Molecular Biology -- Molecular Separation & Labeling
Molecular Separation

Molecular Tracer Labeling

Chapter 3. Molecular Biology -- DNA and RNA
Nucleic acid methods (1)
Nucleic acid methods (2)
DNA isolation & related protocols
DNA Purification (glass milk vs electroelution)
DNA, RNA Sequencing
Recombinant DNA Techniques
RNA Isolation and Purification
Isolation of DNA,RNA, and Protein simultaneously.
DNA mutation detection by SSCP
Preparation of DNA and RNA probes
Southern blot hybridization
Northern blot hybridization
Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
Gene knockout protocol
SiRNA gene knockout
Plasmid and its usefulness
DNA library construction
Microarray protocols.

Gene transfection

Transformation protocols

Gene therapy for cancer
Molecular cloning
Conditional gene transfection(Tet on/off)
Chapter 4. Genetics
Epigenetics protocols
Mutagenesis protocols
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
Chapter 5. Molecular Biology --PCR Serials
PCR,RT-PCR,Real time PCR etc.
PCR (General Procedure)

PCR Primer Design Tools
Real time PCR
More PCR Protocols Online
Video and Animation of PCR
Mouse Genotyping by PCR
PCR Based Molecular Cloning
Variants of PCR
PCR Troubleshootings
Chapter 6. Molecular Biology -- Protein
Protein methods
Enzyme Assay Protocols (1)   (2)  (3)
Protein labeling techniques
Protein sequencing
Dot Blot
Subcellular fractionations
Western blot hybridization

Protein chips
Kinase assay
Methods for detecting protein phosphorylation
Chapter 7. DNA Protein Interactions
ChIP assay

Filter Binding (1)  (2)
DNase Footprinting (1)  (2)
DMS Footprinting
Southwestern Blotting
Genetic analysis
X-ray crystallography
Methylation Interference
Mapping protien/DNA interaction by cross-linking