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Cell culture

Hi, is it possible to get a chemical contamination with 70% ethanol? I was just checking my cancer cell line yesterday and they were growing beautifully as expected. As I was keeping the cells in the incubator, i gave a spray of ethanol (which I think is a routine and should not affect). However, this morning I realised my media changed colour and I could not see my cells. Would anyone have an explanation?

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You gave a spray of what? The

You gave a spray of what? The incubator, the flask?  

The only time I spray the incubator is when all cells are out and I'm doing a big cleaning.  I may spray the shelves of the incubator to clean them off, but I do that out of the incubater and dry them off before putting them back.

I never spray my cultures flasks directly.  I use the ethanol to clean the biosafety cabinate, hemocytometer and infrequently my gloves.  

I would never spray a flask or the incubator and leave them wet.  If that is what happened, then I do think it is possible that you killed your cells.  IF the media is acid it could also mean yeast contamination (lots of tiny cells) and generally bacterial contamination looks alkaline (maybe cloudy) or with lots of debris between the cells.