Great scientific misconduct - Dr. G. Sangiliyandi, Kalasalingam University

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Great scientific misconduct - Dr. G. Sangiliyandi, Kalasalingam University


One of the great scientific misconduct of the year 2011 have been found out at Kalasalingam University, India and the scientist has been kicked out from the Job last week (5th August, 2011).

Name & Address of the Scientist

Dr. Sangiliyandi Gurunathan
Prof. & Head
Department of Biotechnology
Kalasalingam University
India - 626190

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Click here to view notice from Kalasalingam University

Click here to view the note from Retraction Watch

Eight of his research papers have been retracted after being found manipulated data. Six of his graduate students Ph.D. registration have been revoked by the University.

Retracted Paper 1

Retracted Paper 2

Retracted Paper 3

Retracted Paper 4

Retracted Paper 5

How many times have you read his research papers? What do you think about this kind of unethical researchers?

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He was not only playing with

He was not only playing with science, but played with human life by taking scientific research as a weapon. These kind of scientists should be punished. Their citizenship must be revoked.

Too many researchers are being like this in certain "Doomed Universities" sorry "Deemed Universities" in India, particularly south india. Thorough investigation should be made to find out these kind of people.

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He is not to do any mistakes

He is not to do any mistakes but his students had mistake. who ever replay his mail please mentioned detailed address. Most of the people not to do any research in india. once who ever do the science some time face this proplem becasue guide isnot involve any events they only confident to students some of the stuednts very worst .

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Without involving in any

Without involving in any events, what is the role of guide? I think he is corresponding author of the retracted papers.

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guide means not write a

guide means not write a manuscript he only give th scientific advise. did you find out Harvard University in USA they recently did retraction what will you think about that university. there all are senior professor and nobel laurater. who had do mistake before critisise think out our knowledge .pls visit that department before joinig after joining department imp 

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Absolutely, but I don't think

Absolutely, but I don't think guide means to give scientific advise alone. As you said about Harvard University, I know their retractions. I think the authors came forward to retract their paper due to unreliable data sets. That is smart!

But in Kalasalingam, I hope you know an image have been manipulated several times. Look at the images here:

Likewise, his another paper had been retracted due to plagiarism.

Do you think he couldn't have figured out the mistakes done by his students initially? To make it a short story, his only goal is to get funding and produce Ph.Ds. One of the common mistakes from faculties of few indian universities, they would be putting pressure on their students to write papers, but they would never discuss about the results the students obtained.