Necessity of Accuracy while using Pipettes

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Necessity of Accuracy while using Pipettes

What are Pipettes?

Instruments which are used to measure and transfer a specific proportion of liquid from one container to another are called Pipettes . They are normally made of glass or plastic and are available in different forms, shapes and sizes. The Pipet is useful for its accuracy and precision while carrying out various types of clinical tests in laboratories. The well trained technicians use these instruments for analytical purposes to measure the exact value of the specimen liquid. There are two types of instrument being used based on the volume of liquid apportioned. They are called micro and macro pipettes.
Manufacturer & Products

When talking about Pipet and pipettes the name of Accumax automatically crops up. They are a dedicated, trained and professionally qualified team of designers, production managers and technicians. The company manufactures high quality products made with the latest technology which include Accumax Pro, Smart, Tips, controller etc. There are also a few accessories which are used while doing the experiments and clinical tests. These include fillers, robots, disposable tips and dispensers.

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