Pipette - Vital for the Precise Laboratory Reports

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Pipette - Vital for the Precise Laboratory Reports

 Types of Pipettes
Cover plastic designs: These are the light-weight types ideally applicable if you are making a small fraction of the sample object. It transfers liquid or dyes of 0.1 cu.m-0.5 cu.m. They are affordable and disposable so that you can keep the environment clean.
Pasteur types: These designs are used for small volume of fluid or liquid. They are used for many times in a test as it can be reused with pasteurization process in order to facilitate cleaning.

Micropipette: These are the popular instruments used to get samples with precise measurement. This is an adjustable tool carrying many tubes in it to facilitate different microscopic research in the lab.
Multi-channel designs: These types facilitate dispersion of samples without much difficulty and transfer sample through many tubes in it. This is why they are popular as multi-channel pipets.

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There are many types of

There are many types of pipettes (or pipet), but most are essentially a fancier version of a medicine dropper or eye dropper. They are used in a laboratory to transport and/or measure a specific volume of liquid.