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A little background and our requirements.


We have a small mine in the Yunnan province in the south west of China.

Currently we have an mixed of oxide and sulphide ore. We hired some consultant from South Africa that told us we could use dilute (1 - 1.5%) sulphuric acid to leach 98% of the copper and silver from the ore, then through an SX plant and to EW. We were instructed to mill the ore down to 0.2 mm and do agitation leaching, after a short time we discover that is not true.

We can only leach the copper from oxide ore, but cannot leach the copper from the sulphide ore.

We also have access to a pre-processed sulphide material that contain, these are in % not PPM: Cu - 9.10, Pb - 7.11, Zn - 0.07, Fe - 7.41, Mn - 0.06, Ti - 0.42, Ag - 0.06, Au - 0.03, Pt - 0.05, and Co - 0.04. Reading was done on an NITON XLt portable XRF Analyzer. We need to find a bacterial leaching expert to extract these metal: Cu, Ag, Au, and Pt. and other methods to extract the Pb and Co. Is that possible?

Our requirements

1. Hire someone to teach us on bacterial leaching if possible with our mixed oxide / sulphide ore to extract the Cu and Ag, and the pre-processed sulphide material to extract the Cu, Ag, Au, and Pt for the pre-process sulphide material and other possible methods to extract the Pb and Co in the pre-processed sulphide material.

Are you using Skype? It would be nice to chat with you.

Sincerely yours

Fred Chu

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Myself and my friend who is

Myself and my friend who is interested in bioleaching of mineral ores could definitey help you in solving your problem. Let me know if you are still interested in someone with bioleaching background.

I could teach you as to how to go about bioleaching
 I am on skype..."tesfa.haile"

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Hi i am

Hi i am
as per your requirment
i have done a lot of work on the bioleaching of different minerals
if u requir please contect me with all the clear informations