Biologist-I (HTS Specialist) Job Opening in Northwales, PA

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Biologist-I (HTS Specialist) Job Opening in Northwales, PA

Position Details:
Title Biologist-I
Location North Wales, PA
Duration 11 Months

Full Requirement:
ü The Department of Automated Biotechnology is looking for a scientist to join our department on a contract basis.
ü The selected candidate will work in the exciting and fast-paced field of high-throughput screening (HTS) to help client identify lead compounds for drug development.
ü The candidate should have completed a Bachelor's degree in a scientific field (Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology) and have experience working in a research environment (outside of a classroom setting).
ü Proficiency with basic lab skills is a must.
ü The job requires working with state of the art HTS technologies to perform screening in miniaturized formats, so the candidate must be willing and able to become proficient in both the operation and maintenance on a variety of sophisticated screening instrumentation.
ü Positive attitude, good organizational skills, computer competency (Excel, etc), ability to function as part of a group and an eagerness to work and learn are essential.
ü Under the direction of a more senior staff member, carry out high throughput screening campaigns in a state-of-the-art HTS facility.
ü Prepare reagents; operate high-tech liquid handlers and plate readers, track data and QC results.
ü Assist in the evaluation and implementation of new technologies.
ü Operate, calibrate and maintain HTS-related liquid dispensers and instrumentation.

Look forward to hearing from you soon as this is an urgent requirement for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Ph: 973-481-0100 EXT: 3074
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