Biologist-III Job Opening in Lebanon, NH

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Biologist-III Job Opening in Lebanon, NH

Biologist-III Job Opening in Lebanon, NH



This is Kamal, Recruiter from Verna Scientific. We have an immediate requirement matching your skills for Biologist-III position. Below given are the job details. If youre interested please reply to this mail with your

Recently updated word formatted resume along with
Desired Hourly Pay rate,
Availability and
Immigration/Visa Status.

If you have any queries feel free to call me at 973 481 0100 Ex: 3074

Position Details:
Title Biologist-III
Location Lebanon, NH
Duration 1 Year

Full Requirement:
Position requires a minimum of 1-year experience in molecular/cell biology/microbiology to include competence in several of the following techniques: molecular cloning, PCR, RNA & DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis and Western blotting.
A knowledge of/experience with yeast genetics is desirable but not required.
The selected candidate will help to further GlycoFi's proprietary library of yeast strains used to optimize a drug's therapeutic profile.
In addition, you will contribute to the planning and design of research projects within the assigned department; conduct laboratory procedures in compliance with established protocols as well as regulatory and laboratory requirements; provide analysis, evaluation and initial interpretation of data and develop added technical expertise through collaboration

Look forward to hearing from you soon as this is an urgent requirement for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Ph: 973-481-0100 EXT: 3074
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