Post-doctoral position ; Neurobehavioral Genetics

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Post-doctoral position ; Neurobehavioral Genetics

The Department of Neurobehavioral Genetics, Institute of Psychobiology, Trier, invites applications for a post-doc position. The Institute of Psychobiology belongs to the University of Trier, Germany. The department seeks an enthusiastic Postdoc with experience in novel and innovative methods applicable to the fields of Behavioral Genetics, Psychiatric Genetics or psychoendocrine stress research. Candidates should have a strong background in molecular biology and genetics. Experience in statistical genetics or bioinformatics is an added advantage. Openness to conceptualize projects in cooperation with scientists of other areas of research, especially psychologists, is welcomed. Due to the department's involvement with international collaborators, fluency in English is mandatory (knowledge of the German language is favourable but not a requisite).

The successful applicant will be awarded a 3-year contract, starting January 2010, with a half salary according to the German E 13. He/She is expected to raise, or to bring with him/her, the funding for the other half of the salary. Other responsibilities will be a four weekly hours of teaching per semester in the University's curriculum for students of biology and psychology, and the supervision of the department's current and future projects in the IRTG (International Research Training Group) on Psychoneuroendocrinology of Stress (

Interested applicants can send their CV, academic achievements and letters of recommendation by at least two referees (with their contact information) via email to Professor Jobst Meyer ( or post (University of Trier, Institute of Psychobiology, Department of Neurobehavioral Genetics, Johanniterufer 15, D-54290 Trier, Germany).