IDT and Agilent Combine Efforts for Oligo Synthesis!

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IDT and Agilent Combine Efforts for Oligo Synthesis!

A press release from IDT on May 4, 2007 revealed an agreement signed by both parties indicating an alliance to combine efforts. The goal is to offer oligo-synthesis encompassing the full spectrum of drug develoment. IDT and Agilent feel this merger will target their customer base who are moving from research phase to clinical phase, and can help to spare some of the costs and time involved in that transition.

The agreement forms a development pathway for customers:
-screening and small-scale products at IDT facility
-mid-scale (such as products for animal studies) produced at IDT's Belgium facility
-large-scale production at Agilent's Nucleic Acid Solutions Division for use of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for use in clincal-trial and marketed drug production. Agilent's oligos comply with pharmaceutical GMP guidelines.

For the full press release, see this link:

Jason King
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I am just in the process of

I am just in the process of ordering a set of primers & probe from IDT to do qPCR. I've not used them before - up until now I have been buying the inventoried TaqMan sets from Applied Biosystems. Has anyone used sets from IDT? Did you use their online design tool or do the design yourselves and did it work?

Ivan Delgado
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I've used IDT quite

I've used IDT quite extensively for years now. While I have not used their online design tool (I design almost all my SYBR Green and Taqman assay), the primers and probes I've gotten from them have worked quite well. 
If you are considering a new vendor, I would suggest taking a look at Eurogentec and Biosearch Technologies. I have not used them as much as IDT, but their products are also of top quality. In the case of Eurogentec, their primers and probes are a little more expensive than IDT's (last time I checked), but you get a lot more material with the same scale synthesis (>5x more probe and even more for the primers). I almost always order the smallest synthesis scale available, which for my needs (a few hundreds experiments) is more than enough.