Peptide Guided Gene Delivery

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Peptide Guided Gene Delivery

Check out this great paper on using peptides to guide gene delivery. Most in vivo gene delivery systems use viruses to deliver genetic cargo to a particular cell. A peptide delivery system would have to meet certain goals including protecting the DNA, targeting specific cell surface receptors, disrupting the endosomal membrane, and delivering the cargo DNA to the nucleus. This paper has a table listing several peptides that can meet these four goals. Here is a copy of figure 1 that outlines these conditions:

The paper goes into great detail about using peptides for gene delivery, specifically talking about receptor specificity, endosomal escape, and nuclear localization. I had never even heard of using a protcetive peptide for gen therapy.
Very cool. Give the article a read if you have the chance.

Jon Moulton
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A variation on this is used

A variation on this is used for delivery of Morpholino antisense.  In this application, peptides are covalently linked to the oligos (necessary because the Morpholinos have no charge, so they won't form electrostatic complexes).  The oligos are taken up systemically and are active in the nucleus and cytosol.  Peptide conjugates of phosphorodiamidate Morpholino oligos are called PPMO.   I keep track of this literature -- the inventor, Hong Moulton (Moulton HM), is my wife.  Here are some references for the Morpholino-peptide conjugate system.
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