Products for Gene Delivery

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Products for Gene Delivery

Found the following products and methods for gene delivery - can anyone recommend one over the other and why? We've heard good things about the Helios Gun by BioRad, but we'd like to know if anyone has used Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) products? See links below:

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Here is an article from

Here is an article from nature on polymers for gene delivery.
and another article promoting biodegradable polymers for gene delivery
Maybe you could look into some of these emerging tools.

Ivan Delgado
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Hi acgt,
I tried to access the link you provided for Bio-Rad and it did not work. Maybe you used the wrong link?
Could you explain in more detail what is the purpose of your gene delivery experiment? The cell/tissue/organism you intend to treat will influence the method of choice. For example if you are just delivering genes into cells, then something as simple as Lipofectamine is more than enough. If you intend to do whole tissues, then more complex methods are needed. For example there are some aerosol delivery instruments (like asthma inhalators) that are ideal for delivery of gene products to lung tissues. Nothing commercial as far as I know though.