biological relation

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biological relation

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the paternity test done at home. While I was surfing, I discovered a website where you can order a special kit for paternity testing. They deliver it to you at home. You can personally prepare your own samples, and they will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. In five days, you receive the results at home. All the process is done in full confidentiality and the results of the DNA test are promised to be 99.99% precise. As I was thinking of taking the test myself, confidentiality and secrecy are a priority. Can someone please advise me?

Jason King
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It does sound very simple to

It does sound very simple to carry out the test at home. However, I would consider the following:

Depending on which country you live in, taking someone else's DNA sample without their permission may be illeagal. Illeagally obtained evidence may be useless in court.

You should be prepared for both possible outcomes. Consider how you would react in each and how the break in trust would affect your relationship with your partner. ie. If you are the parent, obtaining a paternity test secretly could result in the break up of the relationship.

I think this form of testing (like genetic succeptability testing) should be linked to some form of professional support.